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My real dream was to be part of the change I wanted to see in the world.

That led me to get involved with local Staten Island political clubs and work for progressive candidates. One of those candidates was Councilwoman Debi Rose. I managed her 2013 and 2017 re-election campaigns. That was followed by managing the campaigns of two other strong, progressive, highly qualified women candidates: Assembly candidate Patricia Kane and Civil Court Judge candidate and Public Administrator, Edwina Martin.  I continue to volunteer for CM Rose by representing her at community events. I also proudly serve as politicaland community organizer for the New York State Nurses Association. It has been an honor to advocate for health workers who’ve put their lives on the line for us, especially now, during the COVID-19 crisis.


Today, I live in Mariner’s Harbor with my husband Owen, in a home we are fixing up together, in a neighborhood we love. I want to represent you because, as Councilwoman Debi Rose leaves office, her job is not finished and there is much more to be done. I’m stepping up to run with the skills that I believe are most needed for this moment.


We need a new Council member who can take up where Debi left off without taking one step back and with the drive to move us forward. We need someone who knows the details of what Debi has accomplished in the last 11 years and what projects must be shepherded to completion in the next 4 years. 


We need a new Council member who articulates and advocates for a vision of the North Shore and who wants to collaborate and build coalitions to get things done. 

We need a new Council member who understands the shortcomings of our current health care and hospital services and how to fix it.


We need a new Council member who knows that the next generation of Staten Islanders needs living wage jobs, affordable housing (that is affordable for them), and good schools to keep them here on the Island. 


We need a new Council member with energy, intelligence andoptimism who cares about Staten Island and is part of the new wave of leadership. This person will carry us through the current COVID-19 crisis in partnership with all the communities on the North Shore and get us to the better health care, education andhousing solutions we deserve.


I want to be your new Council member. I have the professional background, the political experience, and the stamina to take this on. On day one, I will be ready to represent my fellow North Shore Staten Islanders. When it comes to the city budget, housing, health care, education andessential service battles lying ahead of us, I will be your advocate. 


Together we will work hard so that all our residents have a dignified, healthy, and fulfilling life. Please join our campaign - Selina Grey for City Council.


With hope and gratitude,

Selina Grey


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