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I am running to represent the North Shore in the New York City Council because I love our community and I believe our best days are ahead.


I  hope to earn your support and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

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My name is Selina Grey and I am running to represent the North Shore of Staten Island in the New York City Council. I want you to know who I am and why I want to represent you.

I grew up in New York City Public Housing in a union household and attended public schools my entire life. I attended college and started my early career in the competitive world of finance.


While working in finance, I overcame many obstacles and I gained a greater knowledge of how Wall Street directly impacted working families in my community. This experience gave me a deeper understanding of the struggles families face in our community. 


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Ensuring that there is equity in education is about more than diversity in the classroom. It means making sure our schools have adequate funding for necessary programs to provide our students with a quality education.

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There is a lack of affordable housing on the North Shore, exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, which needs to be addressed. Housing is a basic need and everyone deserves to have a place to live and raise their families in an environment that is safe, dignified, and sustainably built.

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Our transportation infrastructure has not kept up with demand on Staten Island. Commuters need transportation that is sustainable and efficient. We need to invest in transportation that tackles our current problems, but that also looks towards the future and anticipates future growth on the island.

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Staten Island has a population of nearly half a million people, which is served by only two hospitals. We deserve to have well-funded, quality care right here on the island.

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Economic Development

The COVID-19 crisis hit working families and small businesses especially hard. Recovery must start from the bottom up to ensure that when the storm passes, we cannot only recover, but grow.

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Criminal Justice Reform

If we are going to reallocate funds from the NYPD to other programs and institutions we need to be smart about it. We have to make sure those funds are being used in the best way possible. That means ensuring we have the structures in places to best serve the community and to keep it safe.


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